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Radio Bam is On channel 28 Faction On Sirius Radio at 7:00 EST


Anonymous said: Can cky the band perform in Long Island ny

Ummm…lmao.. I can’t control that… wish I could but I can’t..

Anonymous said: What is Dico up to nowadays and why doesn't he go on Radio Bam anymore?

Dico has been really doing his own thing now. He was in Raab’s new movie “Hot dog Casserole” and has showed to previous comic-cons in the years. He doesn’t go on Radio Bam or associate himself with anything Jackass anymore because he doesn’t feel right about the money making situation. I believe him and Bam are still on good terms though. 

greymooredevondale said: Do you know in which episode Tammy mentioned that she had her tubes tied? Rumors are going around that she is pregnant but I heard mention of a RadioBam episode. Any Ideas?

No I have no idea, I don’t remember saying she got her tubes tied. Any of my lovely followers know?

Anonymous said: Do you know in which episode Bam talks about his prenup with Missy? Thanks!!

I actually have no clue, I had no idea they even had prenup O__o Any one know? :D

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Novak: Did you see that magazine I was talking about?
Bam: No.
Novak: Does my hair look like his?
Bam: I didn't see it, dickhead.
Anonymous said: where can we listen to radio bam if we dont have satellite radio?!

You can download every episode of radio bam for free on :D